Nicholas Bythrow 18F

Student Trustee Elect

Nicholas is in his second year as a Division II student at Hampshire. Currently pursuing communications as his field of study—with journalism as a primary focus—Nicholas wishes to use the skills he learns at Hampshire to pursue a career in the journalism industry.

Prior to attending Hampshire, he was a student journalist for Braintree High School in Braintree, Massachusetts, wherein he spent three years writing, filming, recording, and editing for his school’s news program “Wamp TV.” His time working on the program included contributing a story to Eurasia Foundation’s Disability Partnership TV, as well as participating in and earning first place in the Commercial category at the 2018 Student Television Network Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

While pursuing a journalism career via his academics, he is also creating independent work. He began self-publishing his works on Amazon in January of 2020. His latest novella, The Tree Dream, was released in May.

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