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III. Receiving

A. Order Delivery

Since the College does not have a central receiving location, all items will be received at an office or school. An office designee will be responsible for receiving goods. The purchase order should show the office that will receive the order and, if the vendor is not given a copy of the purchase order, then it is important to be sure the "Ship To" address includes a contact name and department. Please contact the purchasing office for advice if the items will require special handling; for example, a crew from the physical plant to unload or move.

To help insure an accurate check-vouchering process, all vendors should be instructed to refer to the Hampshire College purchase order number on billing invoices and packing slips.

B. Invoices and Payment

All invoices should be sent directly from the vendor to the accounts payable office (A/P). If you receive an invoice, please forward it promptly.

Once an invoice is paid, supporting documentation including the invoice and a copy of the check will be retained in the accounts payable office.

IV. Purchasing Outside the System

All purchases must be processed as indicated above, except as authorized. The business office will not reimburse purchases and services made outside of the system.

V. Returned Goods

Before payment: A purchase order for goods that are returned prior to the purchase order being accepted in Colleague (or prior to payment of the invoice) should be voided.

After payment: If payment has already been made, the items should be returned according to the vendor's specifications and a refund or credit should be sought. A copy of any correspondence or documentation related to the refund or credit should be directed to the accounts payable staff so that its receipt can be monitored and properly applied when received.

VI. Vendor File

The purchasing department maintains the vendor file. In order to enter a new vendor, the following information must be provided via form W-9:

1. The vendor's full name.
2. The order address and payment address.
3. For businesses: the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) (required)
4. For individuals: the Social Security number (SSN) (required)

Note: Vendor Relations

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that purchase orders for goods that are received are promptly authorized for payment. Delays in authorizing payment after goods are received strain the college's relationships with its vendors.

The purchasing office accepts responsibility for maintaining good relations with our vendor community. Please refer any problems or difficulties to the purchasing office.

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