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Courses and tutorials listed through CBD present multiple perspectives on issues surrounding the study of culture, mind/brain, and human development. CBD courses encourage discussion among disciplines, are offered at all levels of study, and may be co-taught by faculty from different schools. Students may use these courses toward a concentration in CBD.

CBD also provides funding for faculty to develop new courses and to augment current courses. Jump to past courses for examples (some of these courses may be offered again in the future).

Fall 2014 CBD Courses (visit TheHub for additional information):

  • CS 123T: Adolescent Development: Culture, Brain, and Development, J. Couperus
  • CSI 123T: Rethinking Childhood, R. Conrad
  • NS 124T: Tutorial: HIV/AIDS 30 Years Later, M. Dobro
  • CS 133: Introduction to Social Psychology, T. Cain
  • NS 137T: Sex, Death, and Teeth: Life Stories Recorded in Teeth, A. Goodman
  • NS 154: The Science of Stress, C. Gill
  • CSI 162: Bodies, Guts, and Bones: A Biocultural Approach to Diet and Nutrition, P. Stone
  • CSI 190: Understanding Culture and Power: an Introduction to Cultural Anthropology,  L. Keough
  • CSI 204: Ways of Knowing in the Social Sciences, K. Chang
  • CS 208: Qualitative Methods in the Behavioral Sciences, T. Cain
  • CSI 218: Bioethics in a Post-Genomic Age, J. Hamilton
  • CS 233: Abnormal Psychology: Culture, Brain, and Development, J. Couperus
  • CS 245: Minds, Brain, and Machines: The Fifty Key Ideas, N. Stillings
  • CSI 250: Critical Ethnography, K. Luschen
  • CSI 266: Who Owns Culture?, M. Bigenho
  • CS 287: Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks, J. Davila
  • CSI 310: Buddhism and Psychotherapy, P. Gilford and R. Joo
  • CS 335: Seminar in Mind, Brain, and Behavior, N. Stillings
  • CSI 365: Childhood, Youth and Learning: Division III Seminar, R. Conrad

Past Courses

The following courses were developed or augmented with CBD course development funds:

  • CS 101: Food 101, Steve Weisler
  • CS/NS/SS 105: Developmental Psychopathology: Culture, Brain, and Development, Jane Couperus
  • CS109: Cognition and Society, Karen Danna
  • CS 118: The Emotions, Laura Sizer
  • NS 154: CBD Tutorial: Science of Stress, Cynthia Gill
  • CS/SS 163: Consumption and Happiness, Melissa Burch and Omar Dahi
  • CS/HACU 181: Music in Culture and Nature, Mark Feinstein and Jay Pillay
  • CS/SS 185: Consuming Childhood, Melissa Burch and Rachel Conrad
  • CSI 207: What's So Funny? Humor, Culture, Cognition, and the Brain, Karen Danna
  • CS 215: Ways of Seeing: The Sociocognitive Bases of Perception, Karen Danna
  • CS 219: Time, History, and Memory, Karen Danna
  • SS 243: Interrogating Fear: Bioterrors, the Environment and the Construction of Threats, Betsy Hartman
  • HACU 250: Introduction to Modern Buddhism: Orientalism, Buddhist Psychotherapy, and the Brain Activity of Tibetan Monks, Ryan Bongseok Joo
  • HACU 254: Still Photography Workshop II: Color, Jacqueline Hayden
  • NS 254: Culture and Biology, Alan Goodman and Lynn Morgan
  • HACU/SS 272: Altered States, Michelle Bigenho and Bethany Ogden
  • CS 279: Cognition and Behavior in Domesticated Animals, Mark Feinstein
  • SS 298: Development Seminar, Rachel Conrad
  • CS/SS 370: Brain, Mind, and Culture, Neil Stillings and Barbara Yngvesson
  • NS/CS 384: Stress Across Cultures, Cynthia Gill


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