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Field Study and Exchange Programs: Transcripts and Evaluations

Documentation in the form of transcripts and/or narrative evaluations is required upon completion of a semester of study away from campus. The following are the three categories of study away, accompanied by an explanation of the documentation needed by the College and how and where to submit it on campus. Students studying away from campus in any of these categories are full-time Hampshire students. The documentation received will be evaluated for good academic standing and financial aid eligibility.

Self-Designed Field Study:

Students obtain documentation in the form of transcripts and narrative evaluations from supervisor(s) and/or institutions where the study takes place. This is submitted to the Division II or III chairperson (current advisor), who will determine if the student has successfully completed the field study proposed. If so, they will certify successful completion of the semester. They may also write a brief to detailed narrative evaluation of the student’s work. Although not required, the documentation may also be submitted to central records for student files. Students are required to submit a mid-term evaluation according to the published deadline and a self-evaluation at the end of the semester.

Course-Based Field Study:

Students enroll in a full-time course of study as defined by the host institution. At the conclusion of the semester, students have official transcripts from the host institution(s) attended sent to central records after grades have been received. Successfully completed courses are recorded for Hampshire transcripts. Students provide copies of the transcripts to their Division II or III chairperson (current advisor).

Exchange Programs:

Students follow the procedure outlined by the global education office to document completion of the program. Official transcripts are received and recorded by central records for the Hampshire transcript. Questions regarding documenting study away from campus should be directed to

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