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Five College Course Audit and Pass/Fail Option

Auditing a Five College Course

At Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges:
Do not request the course on TheHub. An audit is a special arrangement between the student and the professor. The audit will not be recorded at Hampshire or at the other colleges.

At the University of Massachusetts:
By the Hampshire College add/drop deadline, request the course on TheHub, print out the instructor permission form or save it as a pdf, obtain permission and submit it to Central Records. When submitting instructor permission either write the word AUDIT clearly at the top of the instructor permission form or, if submitting permission via email, write it clearly in your email to Central Records.

Taking a Five College Course Pass/Fail

By the end of the Hampshire College course preregistration or add/drop period: Request the course on TheHub, print or save as a pdf the instructor permission form, if applicable, obtain instructor permission, and submit it to Central Records. During the course preregistration period the instructor permission form is only required for courses that are designated as instructor permission. During the course add/drop period an instructor permission form is required for all requests.

Electing pass/fail at Mount Holyoke, Amherst College and Smith College:

Note: follow the relevant deadlines at the host institution (Mount Holyoke, Amherst College or Smith College) when electing pass/fail.

Electing pass/fail at University of Massachusetts: email before the end of the relevant course add/drop period (see the academic calendar for deadlines) with your intention to take the course pass/fail.

Important Note for Division III Students: You may not use a course that you have taken pass/fail for a Division III advanced educational activity. For more information about advanced educational activities, please see the Hampshire College Student Handbook.

Five College Cross Registration Guidelines

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