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Five College Course Audit and Pass/Fail Option

Auditing a Five College Course

At Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges:
Do not request the course on TheHub. An audit is a special arrangement between the student and the professor. The audit will not be recorded at Hampshire or at the other colleges.

At the University of Massachusetts:
By the Hampshire College add/drop deadline, request the course on TheHub, print out a permission form and have it signed by the professor. Write the word AUDIT clearly at the top of the form and submit it to the central records office.

Taking a Five College Course Pass/Fail

By the end of the Hampshire College pre-registration or add/drop period:

Request the course on TheHub, print the instructor permission form if applicable, have it signed by the instructor, and submit it to central records. During pre-registration the form is only required for courses that are designated as instructor permission. During add/drop a form is required for all requests.

To take the course pass/fail, follow the rules of the institution where you are taking the course, taking into account any deadlines they may have. For Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst, you need to submit a form to their registrar's office. At the University of Massachusetts, you declare pass/fail by visiting Whitmore 213.

Cross Registration

Five College Cross Registration Guidelines »

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