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Important Note: Five College registration policies and practices vary from institution to institution. Even if you have been preregistered for a course, your enrollment is not guaranteed until classes actually begin.


  • Search and register for Hampshire courses.
  • Request Five College courses.

 Students Taking Five College Courses

  • are subject to the grading system, calendar, and academic honor system of the host institution.
  • must take all exams at the time scheduled by the host institution.
  • will receive letter grades, although some instructors will provide a written evaluation on request in addition to the grade.

How to Request a Five College Course

You may request courses during preregistration or the add period at the beginning of the semester using TheHub Students/Registration/Five College Requests. The Five College Requests menu includes additional instructions and policies.

Course requests approved by central records are transmitted to the institution offering the course. The host school then either approves or declines the request and notifies central records, who will register you for any course that has been approved. You can keep track of this ongoing process by checking the "View Status of All Your Requests" option on TheHub.

During preregistration, central records will approve a maximum of two requests. For courses designated as "instructor permission," you must print a form when you request the course, get it signed by the instructor, and bring it to central records. We cannot transmit your request without this form.

At the beginning of the semester during add/drop, all Five College courses require a signed permission form. Request the course by the add deadline. Print the form and have the instructor sign it. Return it to central records by the drop deadline. We cannot register you for the course without the form. Note that we require a  signed form for each component of a course with a lab or discussion group.

According to Amherst College policy, you may enroll in a maximum of two courses a semester at Amherst. A lecture with a lab or two half courses constitutes one request.

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Parking is NOT provided for students taking Five College courses.

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