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Registering for Courses

You must register for a Hampshire College course according to your home registrar's procedures and policies. They will notify us of your request which we will process if possible or, in the case of a closed class, notify your home registrar so that they can contact you.

If you are not allowed to register for a course during the registration period because the course is closed, you are welcome to attend the first class meeting and talk to the professor to see if you can attend the class. If the instructor will allow you to attend the class, you must supply your home institution with whatever form of permission that your registrar's office requires.

Students who are unable to attend the first class meeting and wish to be considered for a space in the course should contact the instructor directly prior to the start of classes. Instructors' email addresses can be found in the Hampshire College Directory.

Course Websites

Five College students are automatically enrolled in Hampshire Moodle course websites once the registration process is complete.

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Independent Studies

Independent studies may be requested through the online request system at your home institution, and always require instructor permission. Your instructor may also require you to submit a description of your proposal.


Interchange students will receive grades for Hampshire College courses, unless specifically stated in the course description. Speak to your instructor if you wish to take a course on a pass/fail basis, but check with your home institution's policy to be sure if a pass/fail grade is acceptable.


Parking space is extremely limited, so you are advised to use the Five College bus system. A limited number of parking passes are available to Five College students. Check with the public safety office at 413.559.5424 for more information on acquiring a parking pass.

Bus Information

Hampshire Calendar 

Five College students should check the Hampshire Academic Calendar, so that they are aware of any holidays or other days that may not be recognized at their home campuses.


Hampshire classes are rarely cancelled in cases of poor weather conditions. Students may call the Hampshire College hotline at 413.559.5508 for current information on delayed College openings or early closings.

Snow closing and delay information

End of the Semester 

Any Five College students who, for reasons of illness, emergency, or extenuating personal circumstances, cannot complete their work by the end of the semester may request an extension from their instructors.

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