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Request a Transcript 

You may submit the form below by regular mail, fax, or a pdf emailed to

  • You should review your evaluations on TheHub before submitting your request.
  • Transcripts are produced with the evaluations we have on file at the time of your request.
  • If you have a question about a particular evaluation, please contact the school administrator (check the course number to determine whom to contact).

CS (Cognitive Science):
CSI (Critical Social Inquiry):
HACU (Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies):
IA (Interdisciplinary Arts):
NS (Natural Science):

Transcript Request Form (pdf)

Request forms are also available in the central records office, located in the Lemelson Building, open weekdays from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Under normal circumstances it will take 5 business days to prepare your transcript, so please plan accordingly. There is no charge for ordering transcripts, since you paid a one-time fee when you enrolled at the College.

Note for current students: Faculty evaluations are due June 15 for a spring term and January 15 for a fall term. Keep this in mind when deciding when to order your transcript if you want all your evaluations for a given semester to be included. Visit "your courses" tab on TheHub to see if your evaluations have been posted.

Wondering what's included in a Hampshire transcript?

What's In Your Transcript (pdf)

The following document is automatically included with your transcript. Feel free to download and share it.

Transcript Explanation and Key (pdf)

Secure Delivery

Hampshire College, in partnership with SCRIP-SAFE International, is able to deliver securely official transcripts to network recipients or outside the network to third parties via electronic delivery. Please read the following before completing your transcript request:

First, check to see if your intended recipients are members of the electronic network. If they are, include the exact wording of the institution's name in the e-Scrip-Safe section of the transcript request form. If your intended recipient is not a network member and you wish to deliver your transcript electronically, you may use the "OneTime Delivery" section of the transcript request form. The third party "One Time Receiver" must complete a simple registration for each transcript delivered through eSCRIP-SAFE.

Additional Information

  • All transcripts issued from our office are official. This includes electronically delivered transcripts and transcripts marked “issued to student,” as long as the inner envelope has not been opened. You should check with the recipients of your transcript, however, to determine what method of delivery they require.
  • If all you need is an unofficial transcript, print your evaluations on TheHub or just order a transcript to be delivered to you that you can send out for the intended purpose. As soon as you open the inner envelope, it is unofficial.
  • Transcripts are routinely mailed using USPS. You have, however, the option of having your transcript delivered via UPS. To use this option, you need to provide us with your credit card information and the recipient's street address (UPS does not deliver to a P.O. box). You can include credit card information on your request (your name, CC number, expiration date and card holder's address), or give us your information by contacting our office at 413.559.5421 and asking for the transcript coordinator.
  • The College reserves the right not to issue official transcripts for a student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the College or is in default on GSL student loans.
  • If you have coursework dating 2002F and after, you can view your academic history and print unofficial copies of your evaluations by visiting

If you are unable to use the above forms to request your transcript, please provide the following information by mail, fax, or pdf.

  • Your signature, required to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  • Full name at the dates you attended Hampshire College.
  • Home address, email, and daytime phone number.
  • Destination(s): Provide all mailing addresses, including your own, and specify number of copies to each address. If you are requesting electronic delivery of your transcript, include the name of institution (refer to the above information) and/ or the name and/or email address of the recipient
  • Deadlines, if applicable.


Email or call us at 413.559.5421.


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