Charley Richardson (70F) Award

This award, established by his classmates, friends, and family, honors the memory and example of Charley Richardson, a member of the first class of Hampshire College students.

Social justice movement building was central to the life and ideals of our friend and classmate. This award is designed to enable Hampshire students to use their energy, passion, imagination, and commitment to making change through activist movements. We seek to ensure that future generations of students will know of Charley and his life's work and in so doing will learn from his example and be inspired by his commitments.

Open to any currently enrolled Hampshire student, this award provides an opportunity to pursue work in direct collaboration with social justice organizations, communities, groups and efforts. The award is designed to support activities that involve and/or promote activism and will serve to strengthen the power of those whose voices are essential to changing a harmful status quo. 

To review some of Charley’s work and legacy, see and google “Charley Richardson” along with “Military Families Speak Out.”

The selection committee includes a member of the Richardson family and a representative from the Class of 1970. The award money will come from the income generated by the Charley Richardson Award Fund, an endowed fund.

Award amount:

The award amount changes slightly each year. Please check for updates on the Community Commons Summer Grant Website.

Award Criteria:

Arenas for work in support of social justice efforts could include work involving racial and economic justice, workers’ and labor rights, climate justice, peace, human rights, work in support of immigrant communities, LBGTQIA communities, and other such efforts. Examples of social justice movements and organizations that amplify collective voice and power are:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Stand with Standing Rock
  • Springfield No One Leaves
  • Fight for $15
  • Domestic Workers United
  • Prison Birth Project
  • Justice Now
  • Climate Action Now!
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War
  • Veterans For Peace
  • Efforts in support of worker and union rights, voter rights, quality public education
  • Efforts opposing mass incarceration and the "school-to-prison" pipeline
  • Efforts supporting Muslim communities and opposing Islamophobia

NOTE: The award is not limited to the above named organizations or movements. Any activist movement working collectively for change, including student organizing, is a possible fit.

Examples of work this award could support include:

  • Providing specific research to assist a social justice movement or effort
  • Assistance in organizing actions, conferences, or other events in support of a social justice movement or effort
  • Assistance in amplifying voices for social justice in the media, with the government and/or with the public
  • Assistance to a social justice movement related to a specific project


  • Funding is available for any currently enrolled Hampshire College student who is returning to Hampshire after the award cycle (field study is okay).
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Work must be related to community organizing and the building of social justice movements.
  • Work must be supported by a community activist organization and by Hampshire faculty.

To Apply

This award is part of the Community Commons Summer Grant application process.

Application instructions, deadline, and the application materials are on the Community Commons Summer Grant Website.

You will need to submit:

  • Social Justice Summer Grant Application
  • Faculty Statement of Support
  • Organization Statement of Support