Chemical Donation Policy

March 2001

Upon occasion, businesses, schools, or other organizations offer to donate chemicals (e.g., paints, lab chemicals) to the College. These offers are usually made to and accepted by individual faculty or staff members. In some instances, there is an immediate use for the product, but in many cases the chemicals are taken in anticipation of future use on campus. Accepting donated chemicals has resulted in chemical management compliance issues, (e.g., labeling, storage, availability of MSDS, regulatory reporting), and, in many cases, the chemicals have eventually been disposed of as waste at significant cost to the College.

In order to evaluate the proposed use of donated chemicals on campus and to ensure proper management of donated chemicals, all donations must be approved by the office of environmental health and safety. This policy also includes paints, or other chemical products, available for pickup at municipal recycling centers. If you have been offered chemicals that you would like to accept, please email environmental health and safety, with the following information. I will evaluate your request and contact you to discuss the donation.

  • Donor's name, organization, and phone number.
  • Product name(s), number of containers, and size.
  • Product expiration date, if any.
  • Reason the organization is donating the chemical.
  • When you would like to receive the materials.
  • Proposed use of the material and timeframe for use.
  • Proposed storage location.
  • Description of waste generated as the result of their use.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact environmental health and safety (ext. 6620).