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Campus Leadership and Activities

Is there a captivating speaker or emerging band you want to bring to campus? Want to get involved in political campaigns or social justice initiatives? Would you like to explore a new hobby, such as rock climbing, contra dance, or a cappella? Campus leadership and activities is here for you.

Mission Statement

Campus leadership and activities (CLA) is your office of student activities and programs. We are committed to supporting students as they endeavor to create student groups, plan programs, lead campaigns, and build community at Hampshire College. Our office staff is available to give advice, provide consultations, and answer any and all questions you have as you become an engaged participant in the life of the College. 

Students looking for support with programs and activities have access to many resources in our office, including poster-making supplies; computer and printer access; use of our fax machine and telephone; student group mailboxes; a comprehensive student events calendar; and a knowledgeable staff eager to help you.

Office Hours

The office is open during the academic year and summer, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The office is closed when the College is closed for holidays and inclement weather.


CLA also processes all student group paperwork in conjunction with FundCom, so come by to pick up necessary forms or to get help filling them out. In accordance with the SAF Guidelines and FundCom Bylaws, FundCom receives requests from students and allocates the SAF. This is what pays for all student groups, trips, and events (including Hampshire Halloween and Spring Jam) and related activities. Portions of the SAF also go to Intern/RA programming, and to pay for some PVTA buses.

How do you start a student group?

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