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Campus Leadership and Activities FAQs

What are the campus leadership and activities open hours?
Campus leadership and activities is open during the academic year and summer Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Who works in campus leadership and activities?

Associate dean of students for campus leadership and activities: Key administrator and leader in the student activities area, fulfilling a vision of building a campus community of involved students. Responsible for running the office and overseeing operations and policies. Available to help students plan events and organize and facilitate their student groups. Any questions regarding the myriad areas that campus leadership and activities oversees, or office policies and procedures, can be directed to, or call 413.559.6666.

Assistant director of campus leadership and activities: Provides administrative support relating to the planning, promotion, and implementation of student programs, activities, and events. Processes performer contracts; student group van reservations; student group zip car memberships; requests for payments; and purchase order requisitions. Schedules all student event security. Lends logistical support to the office for events and oversees the Airport Lounge. If you have questions, email, or call 413.559.5746.

Program assistant for campus leadership and activities: Provides administrative and logistical support relating to the planning, promotion, and implementation of student programs, activities, and events. Approves student group events, requests for payment and purchase order requisitions. Maintains the campus leadership and activities website and social media. If you have an questions or need help planning an event, email or call 413.559.6213.

FundCom office assistant: In addition to the staff listed above, FundCom, the financial committee of the Hampshire student union, also employs a full-time office assistant. The FundCom office assistant is available Monday through Friday during business hours to help answer questions about process, paperwork, and student group accounts. The FundCom office assistant also processes FundCom and student group paperwork; requests for payments; purchase order requisitions; and purchasing card requests. For answers to questions about your student group budget, email, or call 413.559.6763.

Work-Study Students: Available during all open office hours to answer questions and help plan events. They are wonderful; many of them have experience as student leaders of groups and in coordinating events.

This is late; is that OK?
No, it's not OK. Please do it earlier next time! Event requests that are submitted late may not be approved.

If my paperwork is returned to me, what should I do?
Read the comments put on the paperwork by campus leadership and activities or FundCom to understand where the problems may lie. If you still do not understand, consult the person who returned it to you.

Does campus leadership and activities only support FundCom-funded student groups?
No. Only FundCom-funded student groups can hold a mailbox for their correspondence. Other services, such as assistance with organizing events are open to all students, however, and campus leadership and activities is pleased to be able to support individual students with involvement and projects on campus.

Can I use the copier/printer?
Yes, if the material being copied is related to a student group or part of an upcoming event. You can make a limited number of copies. Recycling of paper in good condition is encouraged. Ask a student staff member about copying or printing.

Technical Concerns:

Where can reserve space and register my student group event?
 Click here to fill out the newly redesigned facility request and event registration form. All student group events and any events that are funded by the SAF need to be approved by CLA. If you have any questions on the new event registration system, email Hannah at or give her a call at 413.559.6213.

I'm having trouble with AdAstra.... help?
If you're stuck with AdAstra, check out this helpful video made by IT or stop by the CLA office for in person help.

How do I change information on an event registration once I've submitted it?
You can't change it in the event registration system, but simply email the changes you would like to make to and Hannah will update it for you.

How do I fill out forms?
You can meet with any of our office workers to receive assistance. Forms can be daunting to fill out, but we try to make the process as easy as possible. At campus leadership and activities, we have the following forms:

  • Purchasing Form   
  • Reimbursement Form
  • Contract Request Form

NOTE: Event requests can only be filled out online; click here.

What are some common places that take purchase orders?
Sibies, Delivery Express, Atkins, El Comalito, Moti, Thai Corner, Fresh Side, Crazy Noodles, Whole Foods, and Black Sheep

How do I make a listserv for my group?
Go to, click on the "list admin overview page" link, and then select the "create a new mailing list" link. It will take you to a page where you can request your new mail list. You will then receive notification, along with an initial list password. The list owner will be able to modify the password and add or remove additional list owners.

What's the link for student group waivers?
Students must fill out a waiver for each group that they're a part of. Waivers only need to be filled out once an academic year. The link to the waiver and directions on how to fill it out can be found here. If you have any questions or are having trouble accessing the waiver, email Hannah at

Where do I go to reserve the space in front of the library/bookstore/etc.?
Contact the event services and summer programs office at x5610.

Who arranges event security and how much do they charge for events?
Consult Carolyn Strycharz at or x5746 with questions about event security. Charges are $8 per hour for each student monitor, $24 per hour for each crowd manager from beginning of event set-up to end of event clean-up. Decisions about what events need monitors, crowd managers, or campus police officers are made at the discretion of campus leadership and activities and campus police.

How do I get in touch with FundCom or other student groups?
You can look at the list of student groups and contact information at You can also attend their meetings (see below), but please contact the groups BEFORE attending. FundCom: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m. in the FundCom office in the Airport Lounge.



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