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The Ingenuity Awards

Hampshire thrives on the passion, energy, dedication, and determination of our students, and the annual Ingenuity Awards honors those students who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the Hampshire community. Since 2004, 300 student leaders have received Ingenuity Awards for their work.


Congratulations to the 2014 Ingenuity Award Recipients!

Dina Amouzigh
Yasmine El Baggari
Zachary Baker
Sarah Brewer
Zoe Boyle
Vicki Capote
Maggie Colgan
Nicole Daniels
Angus Davidson
Jacob Ehrlich
Cooper Evans
Wesley Evans
Cameron Fearey
Gabby Garcia
Justine Gonzalez-Berg
Taylor Haff
Sarah Hankin
Mike Healey
Samuel Ryan Hitch
Abigail Hobart
Samantha Kramer
Michelle Lifson
Devyn Manido
Hannah Melville-Weatherbee
Joe Olbrych
Jessa Orluk
Walter Poulsen
Josh Reynolds
Raffi Sherak
Jennier Su
Amelia Tarren
Serena Valentino
Omar Villar
Karyn Warren-Gregory
Alex Wise
Constance Zaber

Students are nominated through letters of recommendation submitted to campus leadership and activities by emailing Any currently enrolled student can be nominated for an award; however, students who have received the award in 2014 will not be able to receive one again until 2016 to allow other students the opportunity to be recognized. Hampshire staff, faculty, and students can submit nominations; students cannot nominate themselves.

For more information on nominating a student, review our guidelines on recommendations and general FAQs.


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