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Coppinger Funded Projects

Since 2006 the endowment has supported close creative collaborations between faculty and Division II and III students, independent student projects, and opportunities for students to learn out of the classroom and do hands-on field studies throughout the world. See below for the complete list of Coppinger-funded projects and internships from the past years.

Download a pdf of the Coppinger Application. Hard copies of the application can be picked up in ASH 100.

Student and Faculty Funding 2016/2017

Julia Gil (Div II field research project with Wildlife ACT) Wildlife Psychology Observations in Botswana

Claire Jones (Div III project) Color Discrimination in Sepia officinalis

Kirsten Lydic (Div II project) Potential differences in pitch JND based on direction of change

Cody J. Paille-Jansa (Div III project) How does enrichment affect the stress hormone levels of shelter dogs?

Student and Faculty Funding 2015/2016

Jacob Drucker (Div III project) Patterns of species replacement and aggression in Thamnophilus antshrikes in the Magdalena Valley, Colombia

Cody Paille-Jansa (Div III project) How does environmental enrichment affect the stress hormone levels of shelter dogs?

Nicole DelRosso (Div III project) Triggered Regeneration of Molecular Circuit Components to Implement Iterative DNA Strand Displacement Operations

Garrette Furo (Div III project) How are you studying this at Hampshire?

James Richardson (Div III project) Social Awareness in Corvids

Michael Fizdale (Research project with Dr. Zongxin Ren) Towards a Systematic Understanding of Pollination Genomics Along the Border of China and Tibet

Grusha Prasad (Div III project) Testing alternating theories explaining why code switches at the auxiliary verb were as frequent as switches at the participle for progressive structures but not for perfect structures

Kathryn Lord, Visiting Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior (Professional academic research) The behavioral, endocrine and epigenetic boundaries of the critical period of socialization in dogs (Canis familiaris)

Abbas Hirji (Div III project) Investigating Mitigation Patterns of Farmers & Animal Keepers to Climate Change in the Pagani River Basin

Claire Jones (Div II research project) Evaluating Tool Use Potential in Octopus Vulgaris

Student and Faculty Funding 2014/2015

Matthew Hecking (Div III project) Interpreting the chemical language of plants: green leaf volatiles and their roles as community signals

Josia Gertz DeChiara Div II internship with Professor of Biology Jeffrey Blanchard, UMass Amherst, co-director of the Center for Microbiome Research

Benjamin Liebman (Div III project) The Role of Soluble CD147 in Matrix Metalloproteinase Induction and Metastasis

Aaron Lindeke-Myers (Div III project) In Vitro Characterization of Daam2 in Colorectal Adenocarcinoma

Erika Hample (Div II field research with Professor Sybil Gotsch, Franklin and Marshall College) Climbing in the Clouds: A summer research adventure in the Cloud Canopy of Monteverde, Costa Rica

Alex McKenzie (Div II project) Sustainable Food Production and Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Tim Stiles (Div III Internship with the Bentley Group) Computational Design

Garrette Furo Internship in Columbia University’s Gershon Lab

Student and Faculty Funding 2013/2014

Jolie Anderson (research project with Dr. Kim Bard, University of Portsmouth, UK), Socio-Emotional Experiences and Primate Social Cognition
Amber Bonarrigo (conference presentation) Decreased Ice Cover Duration on Artic Lake Linee, Svalbard
Elijah Brice-Middleton (Div III project) Prey Choice and Sting Behavior of the Emperor Scoripons, Pandinus imperator, and Whalberg's Burrowing Scorpion, Ophistothalmus walberghi
Kyra Brisson Microbial Community Analysis of Deep Springs Lake, CA: Exploring the Role of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) in Biogenic Dolomite Formation
John Cohen (Div III project) Gene Number Determination, Sequence Identification, Genome Annotation, and Expression Patterns of Ovine and Swine γδT Cell WC1 Co-receptors
Chelsea Dunn (Div III project) Liver Proteomics Investigation of Alzheimers's Disease
Jacob Drucker  (Div III project) Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Patterns of Species Replacement and Aggression in Thamnophilus Antshrikes in the Magdalena Valley
Jesse Fritz and Gerardo Zelaya Funding the Animal Behavior Group for Hampshire College Students
Garetter Furro (Div II project)  Internship in the lab of Dr. Michael Gershon at Columbia University College for Physicians and Surgeons
Zoe Getman-Pickering Attendance at the Ecological Society of America Conference and the Northeast Natural History Conference
Erica Hample (Div II project) Dry in the Sky?: Plant Trait Trade-Offs in Tropical Montane Cloud Forest Canopies across Precipitation Gradients
Kathleen Leeper summer internship with Charles D. Nichols, PhD at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Katie Marony and Elise Stanmyer (Div III project) Tail Flagging as a Sign Stimulus in Eastern Grey Squirrel Alarm Displays
Alex McKenzie (Div II project) Design of an Integrated Multi-Trophic Recirculating Aquaculture System
Emma Opitz (Div III project) Summer internship as an undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Fitch and
Dr. Bowling at the University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Peter Nguyen (Div III project internship Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics) Human Social Behavior through Evolutionary Game Theory
Adity Panchakshari (Div III project) Early Subliminal Processing of Spatial Attention to Threat Stimuli is Not Associated with Variation in the Serotonin Transporter Gene
Sarah Partan Animal Robotics Student-Faculty Research Collaborations
Michell Stone Evaluating Oxidative Stress as a Factor Leading to Death in Longevity Induced C. elegans
Nathan Whitmore (Div III project) Investigation of the Role of Functional Connectivity in Hierarchical Perception
Zen The Role of Heparin in Wound Healing: An Investigation of HB-EGF Binding with Exogenous Heparin in in vitro Would Models

Student and Faculty Funding 2012/2013

Christa D'Ancona (Div III project) Understanding Plasticity with Epigenetics Using Cricket Hybrids
Joel Dapello (Div II project) Developing Optogenetic Interfaces in P19 Differentiated Neurons
Jacob Drucker Spatial Distribution of Nocturnal Avian Migration in the Connecticut River Valley
Sonya Greenberg (Div III project) Does Increased Exposure to Novelty Early in Life Result in Diminished Fear Response Later On in Dogs?
Colin Nanavaty (Div III project)  The Role of Dog Barking in Individual Recognition
Sarah Partan Animal Robotics Student-Faculty Research Collaborations
Benjamin Pote (Div III project) Genetic Variation Within and Among the Genus Speyeria
Peregrin T. Rolthman-Ostrow (Div III project) Immune Activation and Genetic Input Differences Between C3H and C57/B6 Mice in Response to Lyme Disease Infection
Charles Ross (faculty project) Developing a Research and Teaching System Around the Morphological and Genetic Variations of Butterflies

Student and Faculty Funding 2011/2012

Justin Baldwin (Div II project) Fruit Secondary Compounds in Neotropical Piper spp. Mechanisms of Enhancing Disperser Efficacy
Sara Berk (Div III project) Latitudinal Variation in Feather Corticosterone Levels, Clutch Size, and Parental Effort in Four Species of Tachycineta Swallows
Omri Bernstein (Internship with Lee Spector, Hampshire College) Experiments with Evolving Trading Strategies Using Genetic Programming
Jonathan Butler (sustainable aquaculture project) Practical Aquaponics
April Haigh (research project) Madagascar Field School
Christopher Jarvis Support for Advanced Courses/Projects in Brewing Biochemistry and Brewing Microbiology
Joanna Morris (Faculty project) Experiments in Word Recognition: A Faculty-Student Collaboration
Emma Opitz (Div II) An Investigation into the Acoustic Properties of Distress and Alarm Calls in Sciurus carolinensis
Katherine Pappas (Div III project) Psychopathy and Resorative Justice Research
Sarah Partan  Animal Robotics Student-Faculty Research Collaborations
Daniel Taub (Div III project) The Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's) on Intracellular Levels of Thryoid Hormone During Pregnancy and Fetal Neurological Outcome
Jake Vogel (Div III project) Androgen-mediated Endophenotypes for Depressive Illness
Alynda Noel Wood (Div III project) Molecular Mechanisms of Associative Learning in  Caenorhabditis elegans

Student and Faculty Funding 2010/2011

Sasha Allegretta-Fuller (Div III project) Neuroendocrine Responses to Lactation
Lindsay Barbieri (Div III project) presentation and participation in the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Omri Bernstein and Seth Toles (Div II Project) Building a Semi-robotic Green Anole Model for Animal Communication Research
Paul Dickson (faculty project) Automatic Lecture Capture and Presentation Creation
Philip Lorenz (Div II Project) Meal Production and Analysis
Isabel Orden Referential Food Vocalizations in Domestic Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus)
Sarah Partan Animal Robotics Student-Faculty Research Collaborations      
Daniel Taub (Div II project) The Evolution and Maintenance of Maternal Care Behaviors in Marbled Salamanders

Student and Faculty Funding 2009/2010

Baker-Wagner and Lingappa Investigation Into the Mechanism of Action by which novel anti-viral drugs render Dengue or Rabies virus non-infectious
K. Brevik  Bend it like Ambystoma: Curvature, Axial Morphology and Escape Behavior in Two Species of Salamander
G. Jeffries Facing the Future of Food: A Spatial and Economic Analysis of local food systems in Massachusetts
J. Paul  A Comparison of Soil Diazotroph Populations in Tsuga Canadensis Stands Afflicted with Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
Daniel Taub How Urbanization Alters Red and Grey Fox Behavior, Population, and Spatial Relationships

Student and Faculty Funding 2008/2009

Jonathan Fanning Mind Control in Parasitic Organisms: The Relationship Between Pseudacteon tricuspis and Solenopsis invicta
Andrew Fulmer The Role of Wing Pattern and Visual Cue Reliance in Conspecific Recognition and Male Mate Choice for Phenotypically Hypervariable Butterflies: Testing a Sexual Selection Hypothesis
Erik Hoel Fluctuating Asymmetry and the Evolution of Song
Kathryn Lord The Development of Foraging Behavior in Dogs and Wolves
Tamara Raidoo Lyme Disease in Horse

Student and Faculty Funding 2007/2008

Cora Ann Johnston (Div III project presented at Southeast Ecology and Evolution Conference and the Benthic Ecology Meeting)  Ecological Impacts of Larval Behavior on Corridor Use Between Spawning and Nursery Habitat in Blue Crab Populations on Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay and Woods Hole, MA
Kate Mathis Seeking the Smell of Fear or Chemical Host Location Cues of an Unknown Species of Psuedacteon, a Dipteran Parasitoid of the Ant, Azteca instabilis
Christine Rivera Is There a Relationship Between Vocal Behavior and Physiological Stress in Sheep?

Student and Faculty Funding 2006/2007

Mark Feinstein (faculty project) Bird-Song: Intensive Sampling of Single Individuals Via Radio-Transmission Collars
Sarah Partan (faculty project) Student-Faculty Collaborative Robot Projects
Nathaniel Wood (Div III project with an apprenticeship at City Farm) Wild Providence--An Investigation of the Urban Ecosystem

Student Project: Jacob Drucker

Div III field work in the Magdalena River Valley in Columbia by Jacob Drucker. Funded by a 2014 Coppinger Endowment Grant.

Student Project: Erica Hample

Climbing in the Clouds: A summer research adventure in the Cloud Canopy of Monteverde, Costa Rica funded by the Coppinger Endowment.

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