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Consistent use of color reinforces our visual identity. The 2012-13 print color palette consists of a primary green; various accents and neutrals complement our primary color.

Print Color Palette
These colors specifications are for CMYK, and will appear slightly darker than the colors that appear on your web screen below. Please contact communications if PMS colors are needed.


Primary green
  50C 100Y 40K

blue orange purple light green yellow
100C 35M 40K 77M 100Y 14K 50C 100M 40K 23C 100Y 20K  13M 100Y
neutral yellow      
43Y 25K 25Y 10K      

Web Color Palette
When trying to coordinate colors across websites, blogs, and email templates, please use the following color codes:


green admissions academics student life discover hampshire
92A642 6E232E 454D60 B04E10 8C2B2B
offices alumni giving background color footer color
696B46 576E25 6B364E E3DEB6 918F76


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