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Communications Office

Getting the Message Out
With professional training and skills in public information, public and media relations, writing and editing, multimedia communications, and graphic design, the communications office staff serves the external visibility needs of Hampshire College.

Off-Campus Distribution
In the interest of having comprehensive, well-organized public information efforts, materials targeted for off-campus distribution should be coordinated through the communications office. This includes:

  • news releases
  • brochures
  • announcements for off-campus distribution
  • posters for off-campus distribution or for large, significant public events
  • other materials targeted for off-campus audiences

Exceptions to this Policy
On-campus publications produced by student organizations, informal manuals, and other internal publications and announcements.

Director of Communications
Elaine Thomas serves as College spokesperson and media relations/public information officer. Media questions or questions about the College's public relations efforts should be addressed to the director of communications at 413.559.5482 or

Director of Design for Print and Electronic Communications
Mary Zyskowski oversees design for print and electronic communications and serves as graphic designer. For design and visual presentation questions, both online and in publications, please contact the director of design at 413.559.5685 or

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