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Participate in Online Networks

Make yourself available to student and alum inquiries about your work and graduate school experiences.

Hampshire Network

It takes just a few minutes to connect with others who share your interests by creating a Hampshire Network profile based on your LinkedIn account. The Hampshire Network includes alumni, students, staff, faculty and parents, and allows you to show your availability, post or seek opportunities, or start a conversation about anything.

LinkedIn Groups

Offer information and advice to students seeking Hampshire connections in their fields of interest. Online contacts often lead to offline conversations and meaningful personal and professional connections.

» Hampshire College Alumni Network
A networking resource for alumni and graduating students.

» Hampshire College
A networking resource for alumni, students, families, faculty, and staff.

Facebook Groups

» Hampshire College Alumni
Another way to connect with other Hampshire alums.

» Hampshire College
The official Facebook page for Hampshire.

Alumni Directory
Be in touch. Stay in touch.
The Hampshire community may span the globe, but the alumni directory ensures your community is always within reach.
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