Creative Media Internship Program Requirements

As a participant in the Creative Media Internship Program, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Meet with a SPARC counselor to go over internship requirements, sign an internship agreement, and sign an informed consent form

  2. Complete the internship you accept, barring any emergency

  3. Participate in two check-in phone calls with SPARC staff over the course of the internship

  4. Conduct a mid-internship check-in with your supervisor, using the guidelines below

  5. Conduct an exit interview and get a written evaluation from your internship supervisor

  6. Write a thank you letter to your supervisor

  7. Fill out our online internship report form (link below)

The Intern Packet will tell you everything you need to know about how to complete the requirements, get credit for the internship, and have a successful internship experience. Make sure you look at it before you start your internship!

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Submit Your Online Internship Report

Why do we have these requirements?

These internship requirements serve three purposes: to help you have a successful internship experience, to make sure Hampshire maintains an excellent relationship with the alums who offer internships, and to help other students know more about the internship opportunities. Your completing these simple requirements really helps keep this program going!