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The Mitziko Sawada Resource Library, housed on the first floor of the Lebrn-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center, offers the Hampshire community a multitude of books, magazines, articles, and videos focused on multiculturalism and social justice. Additionally, there is a collection of video and print archives related to SOURCE and the Cultural Center.

Library Catalog

For a complete listing of books, digital archives, and magazines, click here.

Subject areas:
African/African American Fiction and Non-Fiction
Asian/Asian American Fiction and Non-Fiction
Gender Identity and Expression, Sexual Orientation
International Relations
Latin/Latin American Fiction and Non-Fiction
Middle East
Social Justice/Identity General
Women's Studies
Reference Guides

Check-Out Guidelines

1. Books can either be read at the Cultural Center or checked out for a period of two weeks.
2. To check out a book, ask a staff person to assist you with opening the library cabinet and checking the book(s) out. A check-out card must be filled out along with the date due slip (back cover). The check out-card stays with the Cultural Center. Books not returned within two weeks are subject to a fine. Books must be returned within two weeks in the drop-off box in the library.

1. Videos cannot be checked out. Videos must be viewed at the Cultural Center if the space is not being used by anyone else. Ask a staff person to assist with opening the video cabinet.
1. Magazines cannot be checked out. They must be read at the Cultural Center.

Share your suggestions for books, videos, or magazines to add to the resource library with the Cultural Center staff in person or via email (


Many of the 800 books and 40 videos in the library were donated by Hampshire College alumni, faculty, staff, students, and guest speakers. Other books were purchased either by the Cultural Center or SOURCE groups. The Cultural Center welcomes library donations that focus on multicutluralism or social justice. Contact the Cultural Center for more information:

Naming of the Mitziko Sawada Resource Library

Mitziko Sawada shared her wisdom and passion for history and multiculturalism for 13 years at Hampshire. She was hired in the fall of 1987 as visiting assistant professor of history; in the fall of 1991 she was promoted to visiting associate professor of history through June 2000; and from fall 1994-1995 she became dean of multicultural affairs. Her courses in U.S. history addressed politics, culture, and ideology, drawing on issues of race, gender, and immigration, including the history of Asian Americans. She also offered courses on comparative historical understandings of nineteenth- and twentieth-century U.S./Japan/East Asia. In spring 2000, Mitziko Sawada retired from teaching at Hampshire. She was very involved with the activities of the Cultural Center and SOURCE, and had considerable impact on the lives of many students. The resource library was officially named after Mitziko Sawada on February 5, 2003.

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