Entrepreneurship Intern Program

*The Entrepreneurship Intern Program is not currently taking applications. Instead we recommend that students review eligibility for the Collegiate Summer Venture Program. Please email entrepreneurship@hampshire.edu with any inquiries.*

The Entrepreneurship Intern Program provides grants to support several paid internships at for-profit and non-profit organizations. These are open to Hampshire students who are seeking to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and gain the practical experience of participating in the daily operations of a startup venture.


This program is open to current Hampshire students. Internship candidates should have demonstrated an entrepreneurial background or commitment by at least one of the following methods:

  • taking an entrepreneurship class
  • creating or participating in a for-profit or non-profit venture
  • taking a foundational or leadership role in a club or organization

Candidates' academic goals should include entrepreneurship in some form, through either research or applied work. We will give priority to Division II and III students.


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View the current application, deadlines and eligibility guidelines here.

We ask candidates to submit an online application and two letters of reference.

After a preliminary selection process, we will ask the finalist applicants to come for an in-person interview.