Ethics and the Common Good

The Ethics and the Common Good Project is a transformative, multi-dimensional initiative that brings critical engagement, ethical leadership, and community building to the forefront of a Hampshire education.

Our Mission

The Ethics and the Common Good Project cultivates collaborative, ethical leaders who reflectively engage in creating a more equitable and resilient world.

The project aims to equip students, staff, and faculty with the skills and knowledge to engage critically with issues regarding the common good and ethical inquiry. We support community members in cultivating and collaborating on visions and practices rooted in concern for cultural, artistic, scientific, and ecological flourishing as they contribute to and build up the common good. Together, we identify core ethical beliefs and values that guide our own as well as institutional actions, examine the consequences of those actions, and develop a set of tools that gives the confidence and practical experience to bring about transformation in ourselves and in the world.

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Our Program

Our program weaves together the commons, applied ethics, and relational leadership to create a robust theoretical foundation and practice-based approach for realizing our mission.

We support intellectual and practical inquiry through:

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Our Team

Javiera Benavente, program director

George Fourlas, applied ethics professor

Teal Van Dyck, project coordinator

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