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Aaron Berman

Professor of History
Aaron Berman

Aaron Berman, professor of history, received his B.A. from Hampshire College, and M.A. and Ph.D. in United States history from Columbia University.

He is particularly interested in the history of Jewish and Arab nationalisms, as well as twentieth century United States political and intellectual history.

His publications include Nazism, the Jews and American Zionism, as well as articles on the Holocaust and Zionism. His current project looks at the American encounter with Arab nationalism.

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+ Resolving Conflicts Through Ethnic Cleansing: A History of Partition
+ The American Encounter with Arab Nationalism
+ Israel and Palestine: The Clash of Nationalisms
+ State and Citizen: The Politics of Social Welfare Policy
+ The Great Depression and the Great Recession: The History of Working Class Struggle in America
+ A Complex Relationship: The History of the American Relationship with the Middle East