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Associate Professor of African American History

Amy Jordan

Hampshire College Professor Amy Jordan
Amy Jordan
Associate Professor of African American History
Critical Social Inquiry
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Amy Jordan
Franklin Patterson Hall 201
On Leave of Absence Fall 2019, Spring 2020
Amy Jordan, associate professor of African American history, received her doctorate in history from the University of Michigan in 2003.

Amy has conducted oral histories with welfare rights activists and small farmers in Mississippi, and has conducted workshops on the history of anti-poverty and welfare rights activism. Her essay, "Fighting for the Child Development Group of Mississippi: Poor People, Local Politics and the Complicated Legacy of Head Start," is part of a forthcoming collection entitled War on Poverty & Struggles for Racial and Economic Justice. She is currently working on a book entitled From Rural Rehabilitation to Welfare Rights: Rural Relief, Land Ownership and Welfare Rights Activism in Mississippi.

Amy also studies West African dance and performs occasionally with the New Haven-based companies Kouffin Kanecke Dance Company and the Fotoba Dance Troupe.

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