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Myrna Breitbart

Director of Community Engagement and Collaborative Learning, Professor of Geography/Urban Studies

Myrna Breitbart, professor of geography and urban studies, has an A.B. and Ph.D. from Clark University. Her teaching and research interests focus on the gender, race, and class dimensions of built environments and planning over time; struggles over urban public space; and urban community development, with a current emphasis on the new cultural economy and its role in urban regeneration.

She has extensive experience with participatory action research, especially involving young people in urban exploration and local planning, and has a long history of involvement with community-based organizations in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

She is a founding member of the Holyoke Planning Network and works with this group on a number of community economic development initiatives. She also facilitates community-based learning at Hampshire College and works closely with the Community Partnerships for Social Change program and Five College Committee on Community-based Learning.

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