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Bradford College Alumni Endowment Scholarship

The Bradford Alumni Endowment Scholarship is awarded to incoming (either first year or transfer) Hampshire students who have participated in community service activities before coming to Hampshire as evidenced in their admissions applications who are in need of financial aid of $5,000 or more. Bradford College traced its origins to Bradford Academy, which was founded in 1803. Bradford began educating post-secondary students in 1932, when it opened its doors as Bradford Junior College, a women's college. It became coeducational Bradford College in 1971. The school was closed in 2000, and in late 2007, the remaining endowment of $3.6 million was awarded to Hampshire College. Preference for Hampshire College students who have a connection to Bradford College or are from Massachusetts.

Hampshire College uses the FAFSA and the CSS Profile to determine eligibility for institutional aid including the Bradford College Alumni Scholarship.
Deadline is February 1. 
Value of scholarship is $5,000. 
There are 12 scholarships available. 
The recipient must qualify for institutional aid of $5,000 or more of need-based grant.
The Bradford award will substitute for the same amount of money the selected students would otherwise receive in their financial aid packages.

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