Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Creative Media Internship Program?

This program matches Hampshire students who are serious about pursuing careers in film, video, music, and other media with alums who are currently working in those fields. Alums provide summer internship opportunities for those students.

Who can apply?

Internships are open to all Hampshire students, including those graduating this year.

What are my chances of getting an internship through this program?

Very good. Typically over half of the students who apply get an internship. While some of the internships require special skills, most employers are simply looking for reliable people who are willing to work hard and learn.

How does this program benefit Hampshire students?

Students who do internships through this program get a "real world" look at daily life in the entertainment industry. Students build skills, make connections, develop research/project topics, and affirm or change their career paths. Interning with a Hampshire alum is a unique opportunity for students to work with someone in the industry who is interested in supporting their growth and success.

What are the program requirements?

As a participant in the Creative Media Internship Program, you are required to do the following:

  1. Meet with CORC staff to sign an internship agreement and receive your internship packet
  2. Complete the internship you accept, barring any emergency
  3. Conduct 2 check-in phone calls with CORC staff over the course of your internship
  4. Conduct a mid-internship check-in with your supervisor
  5. Write a thank you letter to your supervisor
  6. Ask for an exit meeting and final evaluation from your supervisor
  7. Fill out an online internship self reflection/report form

You will find detailed information here.

Where are the internships?

The internships change each year. They are often in New York, and there have also been opportunities in the Amherst area, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Houston, Ohio, and North Carolina. Occasionally an internship can be done remotely from anywhere.

Do interns get paid?

Most internships through this program are unpaid. Many internships provide some kind of compensation such as transportation, food while on the job, housing, or a small stipend at the end of the internship. Rarely, an internship will pay an hourly wage. 

Is there any funding available to help students do an unpaid internship?

Yes! Click here to find out about grants to support film and video internships.

How do interns find housing?

Interns find housing in many different ways, including living at home; living with a friend or relative; using craigslist and other housing listings; and living with other Hampshire students. Click here for more information about finding housing.

How does the application process work?

Students apply directly to each internship. You can expect to submit a resume and cover letter, and sometimes additional materials such as samples of your work or a writing sample. Your application should be customized for each internship you apply for.

Will I get credit for the internship?

You can easily include the internship on your Hampshire transcript by submitting the evaluation letter from your internship supervisor to the central records office. If you would like the internship to be included in your Div II or Div III portfolio, you must arrange this with your committee. It is your responsibility to ask for an evaluation letter and to communicate with your committee, as well as the Central Records office. You may be able to use your internship for CEL-2 credit.