Funding to Present CBD Work at Professional Conferences


*Please note, due to COVID-19 protocols, travel for on-site conferences cannot be funded at this time*

Students in all schools may apply for CBD grants to help fund their travel to conferences in order to give a presentation or paper on the findings of their CBD research or results of their CBD project. It is expected that the work you will present will engage with at least two of the areas of culture, brain/mind, and human development (broadly construed) in a substantial way. After you have been accepted to present at a conference, but prior to the conference, you must receive permission from the CBD director at to apply for a grant.

Your application must provide the following information:

  1. Conference information: Give the name, location, dates, and purpose of the conference you propose to attend. Give the title and describe the nature of your presentation, e.g. 10-minute research talk, or a poster. List your co-authors or co-presenters, if there are any.
  2. Abstract: Submit a copy or the accepted abstract of the research you will be presenting, and the link to the conference website.
  3. Explain how the work is related to the CBD program, and why it is important for you to attend this conference and present your work there.
  4. A statement of your academic background (1 page maximum), covering your contribution to the work being presented and the courses, internships, previous research, or other experiences that contributed to your work.
  5. Budget with justification (1 page maximum) listing each item, its cost, and its justification, with a total.
    1. The budget must be signed by a faculty member, typically your Division II or III chair, your advisor, or the supervisor of the research.
    2.  The budget must state all sources of funding you have received or are applying for to support your travel.
  6. Supporting letter from your Division II or III chair, your advisor, or your faculty co-author addressing the budget as well as the merits of your application.
  7. Optional appendices: If the paper, poster, or slides for your presentation have been completed, please attach them as an appendix.

Submit applications via email to the CBD director at

Evaluation Criteria for Conference Travel Proposals

  1. The primary criteria are the intellectual merit of the work to be presented, the quality of the student's contribution to the work, and the significance of the conference, as well as its relevance to the scope and aims of the CBD program.
  2. The quality of the student's previous work.
  3. The demonstrated necessity of the budget items, as justified in the proposal.

Recipients of conference travel grants agree to

  1. Write a 1-page report on the conference experience. The paper, poster, or slides presented at the conference should be attached.
  2. Provide an abstract of the presentation, which will be posted on the CBD website.
  3. Respond to post-graduation follow-up surveys of CBD graduates.

Deadlines: Applications are accepted throughout the year, prior to travel.

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