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Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning

The Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL) is a growing network of distinguished, progressive higher education institutions that came about out of an initial grant awarded in 2001 by the U.S. Department of Education Fund for Improvement in Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). The purpose of CIEL is to provide opportunities for faculty and students to collaborate with each other and exchange pedagogical and curricular practices with others from similar institutions. These "alternative" colleges share an educational philosophy that focuses on the individual, emphasizing student-centered, experiential, reflective, and interdisciplinary learning. The consortium has grown to include colleges and universities from across the United States, providing a wide range of networking, exchanges, research, and professional development opportunities for students and faculty.

Student Exchange

All regularly enrolled students at CIEL schools are eligible to study at other CIEL member schools for as much as one academic year while paying tuition at their home institutions. Other fees, such as housing and food plans, are determined by the host institution and must be paid accordingly. 

The exchanges offer students the opportunity to move for a time from a private to a public college or vice versa, experiencing vastly different campus cultures and different political and socio-economic milieus; living in a different geographical region; and taking advantage of curricular opportunities and faculty expertise not present on the home campus, developing a rich comparative perspective. Please visit the CIEL website for information about CIEL and the individual member schools. 

Please Note: Some high-demand programs and/or member institutions may not be open to CIEL exchange students. Contact the global education office before applying to see if the school you're interested in is open to exchange.


This exchange program is open to qualified Hampshire students who are in good academic and behavioral standing. Detailed information on Hampshire eligibility requirements and policies is available under the Eligibility Requirements in the Exchange, Field Study, and Short-term Field Course section of the Hampshire College Handbook.

How to Apply

  • Applying to a Hampshire Exchange Program: Application instructions, requirements, and procedures.  
  • Students are REQUIRED to meet with the GEO program advisor for this exchange program BEFORE starting an application.

GEO Program Advisor

Matthew Shamey
Global Education Office

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Each spring, CIEL holds an undergraduate research symposium at a CIEL member campus. The symposium is designed to provide students with rich opportunities for formal presentation and engagement with peers in the practice of scholarship, and to teach them about the academy's role in knowledge-making by providing venues to engage in it actively. 

Faculty Opportunities

Faculty who participate in CIEL have the chance to talk with colleagues within their own institution and across institutions in unusually open and honest ways about their work. With steady encouragement to use this collaborative environment creatively, faculty have begun to explore creative ways to reach across institutional boundaries and to create research and teaching opportunities with new colleagues. Like students, faculty members have the opportunity to participate in an annual faculty/administrator's symposium in the fall as well as to do an exchange. Faculty exchanges offer opportunities to learn firsthand about the teaching practices, programs, and institutional structures of other campuses and to engage in collaboration on research interests.

For more information regarding student and faculty opportunities through CIEL, please contact Yaniris Fernandez, CIEL campus coordinator. Additional information is also available on the CIEL website.

Yaniris Fernandez
Associate Dean of Faculty


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