Gift Planning

From the time the first students arrived, in 1970, Hampshire has demonstrated the value of philanthropic investment in educational innovation. Our alums are shaping the world in every field, from the frontiers of science, to art, to social justice. Gift commitments made now ensure that the future Hampshire will continue to be a compelling option for young people seeking to see the world and tackle its problems in new ways.

There are many ways to give to Hampshire, and contributing through a planned gift can provide benefits to you as well. As a planned-gift donor, you'll enjoy a current income-tax deduction, possible decrease in or elimination of long-term capital gains tax, a reduction in estate and gift taxes, an improved rate of return on poorly performing assets, and even perhaps an increase in income.

You can make a planned gift at any age. For example:

  • At 30, you can name Hampshire as a beneficiary of your IRA.
  • At 40, you could name Hampshire as a beneficiary of your life insurance plan.
  • At 60, you could name Hampshire as a contingent beneficiary in your will.
  • At 80, you could designate Hampshire as a beneficiary of the remainder of your estate.

We will be happy to work with you and/or your financial adviser to determine the right kind of gift for you and your family. For an illustration of how a planned gift can work for you, please contact us.