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Charley Richardson Award Fund

This award, established by his family, classmates, and friends, honors the memory and example of Charley Richardson, a member of the first class of Hampshire College students. The award is designed to enable Hampshire students to use their energy, passion, imagination, and commitment to advance fields of endeavor that were central to Charley's life and ideals. We seek to ensure that future generations of students will know of Charley and his life's work and in so doing will learn from his example and be inspired by his accomplishments.

Open to any currently enrolled Hampshire student, the award provides an opportunity to pursue a summer or divisional research project or internship in an area of study central to Charley's philosophy, ideals, and activism.

Some examples of projects appropriate for this award are those that focus on organizing and building the collective voice and power of workers and their unions, especially in relationship to changes in work processes and the organization of work; the impact of new technology; and issues of occupational safety and health. Studies that seek to amplify the voices for peace among those most affected by war--among them military families, those currently serving in the military, and veterans and those caught in the crossfire--are likewise fitting.

Faculty will sit on the award committee, which may include a member of the Richardson family and a representative from either the class of 1970 or the class of 1971. The award money will come from the income generated by an endowed fund named for Charley. To give to this fund, please go to

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