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Gifts of Stock

Transferring stock to Hampshire College is for many the preferred way to make a gift. It's easy and your gift is fully tax-deductible at the current market value of the stock. Here's how it works:

A gift of appreciated securities creates a win-win situation: You win by avoiding the high cost of capital gains tax and by receiving a tax deduction for the appreciated security. In most cases, you may deduct the fair market value of your gift. For example, you purchased stock in 1990 for $250 and it is now worth $2,000. If this is an outright gift, you can claim a $2,000 charitable deduction on your next income tax return. In a 31% bracket, that's a tax savings of $620. Additionally, you avoid federal and state taxes that would be due if you sold the stock.

How to transfer stock:

1. Notify Jaime Leab at 413.559.6078 or email: that a gift is being transferred. Provide the donor name, number of shares, and the name of the stock or the stock code, as well as the proposed designation

2. If the stock is held book entry, please have the shares delivered to:

US Bank NA
DTC Participant number 2803
Fbo Hampshire College
Account Number: Contact Theresa Meckel at 413.559.5772 for the number
US Bank NA Contacts: Carol Hopewell or Antoinette Delia at 215.761.9337

3. If you hold the stock in certificate form, please send the unsigned certificate and signed stock power under separate cover (registered mail) to:

US Bank NA
50 South 16th Street, Suite 2000
Attn: Carol Hopewell, Institutional Custody
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel.: (215) 761-9337

4. If you are donating mutual funds, please contact Carol Hopewell at 215.761.9337 or Antoinette Delia at 215.761.9340 and they will provide specific instructions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jaime Leab, at 413.559.6078. Thank you for considering Hampshire in your charitable plans!

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