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Hampshire is facing a pivotal moment in the life of the College, and many in our community have differing opinions about our future. But there is one thing that we all agree on: the passion, courage, creativity, and intelligence of our students. Today, more than 1,100 students are studying, living, working—and yes, protesting—on the Hampshire campus.

Our students rely on the generous support of alums, parents, and friends. Each year, donations make up the difference between tuition and costs. Even as the college explores options for its future, our students’ needs persist. That’s why we are launching the Urgent Support Fund for Students, with an initial goal of $2.2M in cash gifts by June 30.

Your gift to the Urgent Support Fund will provide support to the following areas of critical need for our students: financial aid, faculty salaries, and staff support.

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An Alumni Fundraising Working Group has come together, with the backing of the Alumni Advisory Group, to raise these funds. These volunteers care deeply about Hampshire’s current students and want to ensure they have the best possible resources to get the support they need. We also recognize that a record-breaking outpouring of gifts of all sizes for this purpose will send a powerful and inspiring message to our students that Hampshire alums and parents believe in our community and our mission, now and into the future.


Will my gift count towards the fundraising goal needed to pursue Hampshire's independence?

Yes. On April 5, the Board voted to endorse the primary direction of engaging fully in fundraising in support of an independent Hampshire. Gifts to the Urgent Support Fund for Students count towards this goal.

How will my gift help Hampshire students?

In many ways. It will benefit students currently enrolled by providing funds to financial aid, faculty salaries, and salaries of staff who directly support students. We aim to help our students continue to have the best Hampshire experience possible. In addition, your gift could help demonstrate to major donors, foundations, potential partners, and the world the high level of support for the College.

Who is leading this fundraising initiative?

This fundraising effort was initiated by Alumni Advisory Group (AAG) members who are professional fundraisers. They coordinated with other alum fundraisers to form an Alumni Fundraising Working Group whose purpose is to help support the students and keep the College functioning during this transitional year. To accomplish this, they proposed this campaign as an immediately impactful way of giving for the many alums, parents, and friends who expressed their desire to help. This Urgent Support Fund for Students has the support of the full AAG, as well as the College.

How will the Urgent Support Fund for Students be used in the current budget and what impact will it have on next year?

Gifts to the Urgent Support Fund for Students will be used for financial aid, faculty salaries, and salaries of staff who directly support students. The goal for the Urgent Support Fund for Students is $2.2M by June 30. Achieving this initial goal will also lay the foundation for the next phase of this initiative: to support our students who return next year, a critical transition year that will be marked by a sharp reduction in revenue.

How many students will the college have next year?

Currently, we do not know how many students will return next semester or how many of the admitted students will choose to start at Hampshire in September. The College is currently projecting a cohort of 600 to 700 students. What we do know is that support from alums, parents, and friends will benefit their educational experience and will help shield them from the uncertainty and sharp revenue reductions that will come with this transition year.

Will the Urgent Support Fund for Students help prevent layoffs and downsizing?

With a smaller student population next year, the College will downsize. We will not need as many beds, meals, and course seats for an estimated 600 to 700 students next year, versus 1,100 today. The painful process of making necessary staff and faculty reductions and other budget cuts will still occur.

Will my gift help reverse the decision to admit a class for fall 2019?

No. Applications have formally been paused for fall 2019, and all applicants have been notified. However, your gift will be of immediate benefit to the 1,100 current students studying on campus this spring.

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Everything we do is focused on supporting the young people who will challenge and change their world.
Give to the Urgent Support Fund for Students.
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