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A Singular College. A Collective Effort.

Each year, donors to the Hampshire Fund contribute nearly $2 million to the College’s operating budget. Every dollar matters, and every gift impacts the day to day. Gifts to the Hampshire fund make Non Satis Scire a reality.

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You sustain this place that creates life-changing experiences, where students form unbreakable friendships with classmates (and mod-mates), work alongside faculty as mentors and peers, and are pushed to engage with the larger world.

Hampshire taught me how to apply different areas and combine them. My Div III combined ballet, teaching, and computer programming. After 10 years in higher ed, I consistently apply knowledge from different fields to my work as an educator and business director. I don't need to stay in my own lane. I know how to travel the road with or without the map—thanks to Hampshire."
Brad Beggs 99F
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This is Hampshire’s time. Let’s embrace it together.
Today, everything we do is focused on supporting the young people who will challenge and change their world. We’re all in. Our students are all in. We need you to be all in with us.
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