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Commencement ceremony under tent in 2017

Giving to Hampshire

Change in the Making: A Campaign for Hampshire

It’s right there in The Making of a College: “Hampshire College will seek to be an agent of change.” Change is what we do. It’s what we prepare our students for and it’s what we seek in the world.

To keep Hampshire independent and sustainable, we need to raise $60 million by 2024.

Will you make a five year commitment to the campaign today?

One of our campaign co-chairs, Ken Burns 71F, told us that “Hampshire is transformational.” This is a remarkable institution and a remarkable community.

And it needs all of us to ensure its success.

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I don’t recognize the person who entered Hampshire in 1971, and the person who emerged in the spring of 1975. It completely rearranged all my molecules. I’m honored and humbled to co-chair the fundraising effort to secure Hampshire’s future.

Campaign Co-Chair Ken Burns 71F

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Everything we do is focused on supporting the young people who will challenge and change their world.
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