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Hampshire is a Big Part of My Life

Ellen Sturgis 77F and daughter Rozzie KopczynskiPlanned giving is a familiar topic for Ellen Sturgis 77F. As a financial administrator, Sturgis has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations over the years. One challenge she regularly faces is encouraging supporters to think of those nonprofits when creating their wills.

"It's always tough to get people to think long term. I remind people they can plan ahead, whether it's twenty or fifty years," she says. "It's not really the money; it's more the idea of a message to family and friends that this is a big part of our lives."

By naming Hampshire College one of the beneficiaries of her will, she hopes to send just that sort of message.

"I loved Hampshire when I was there. I met so many wonderful people. But it was not until I went to graduate school for my MBA that I realized what a special education it was, what a unique gift it was," she says. "Hampshire really is about learning and finding answers. I can't think of a much better way to prepare yourself for the working world."

Sturgis says her father supported the Boston Architectural College and set aside money for it in his will. Because of that, most of the memorial gifts given in his honor after he passed away also went to the school. That influenced her thoughts on making a planned gift to Hampshire.

"If there's ever an option to give something in my name, I want it to go to Hampshire," she says. "There will always be students who need a place like this."

For more information about including Hampshire in your estate plans, please contact Jeffrey Wolfman at 413.559.5638 or email him at

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