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Roles and Responsibilities

The following table provides an overview of who is responsible for executing the tasks associated with the pre-award and post-award administration of faculty grants.

PI: Principal investigator (or project director) is the individual responsible for the programmatic and administrative aspects of the project and/or research.

GO: Grants Office (Jennifer Chrisler)

DOF: Dean of Faculty's Office (Yaniris Fernandez)

CO: Controller's Office (John Dineen)

Roles and Responsibilities PI GO DOF CO
Share information about funding opportunities.   X    
Work with grant-seekers about concepts for potential funding.    X    
Prepare the draft proposal, budget, and related materials. X X    
Assist with external grant submission procedures for federal grants.    X X  
Provide institutional certification letters when specified by sponsor agency.      X  
Complete the grant proposal routing form one week before the submission.  X      
If applying to NSF, PHS/HHS, or NIH, ensure all College personnel included in the proposal sign the appropriate conflict of interest forms.  X      
Review and approve the proposal budget.   X X X
Submit proposal to funder.    X X  
When award notification is received, inform GO and DOF.  X      
Create a grant account.        X
Conduct the research/program within the scope and objectives of the proposal.  X      
Oversee grant budget and authorize all expenditures (e.g., hiring/assignment of personnel, purchasing materials).  X X   X
Provide oversight on cost transfers, budget modifications, and extension requests.   X    X
Working with CO to coordinate the preparation and submission of financial reports to the funder. X X    
Complete interim, annual, and/or final narrative reports.  X X    
Ensure closeout of grants: resolve any issues, ensure that all financial, narrative, and other required reports are submitted.  X X   X


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