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Student Projects

Division II and Division III students need the freedom to undertake worthwhile independent projects without being constrained by cost. Student project funds, like financial aid, go to the heart of our distinctive educational program.

We seek "venture capital" for student projects in the form of at least forty Named Endowed Funds for Student Projects at a funding level of $50,000 or more per fund.

Some examples of these funds are:

Denice O'Neill Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of Denice O'Neill 85F, who was killed in the 1988 bombing of PanAm flight 103, funds the work of two Division III students annually: a woman student in the sciences who receives financial aid, and a student working in medicine, health, anthropology, or child studies; and helps fund a fall speaker's colloquium with an alum working in the sciences.

Tim Harkness Fund for Invention

Established in memory of Tim Harkness 70F. Provides grants for Five College students pursuing interests in invention and sustainability.

Outdoors Program Scholarship Endowment

Supports the participation by students of limited financial means in OPRA January Term courses.

Gregory and Toni Prince Scholarship Fund

Established in honor of former president Gregory Prince and his wife Toni. Provides support to Division II and III students for their academic projects.

Ray and Lorna Coppinger Endowment

Established in honor of Lorna and Professor Emeritus Ray Coppinger to support student and student-faculty collaborative research in the cognitive and biological sciences. Income from the endowment is awarded competitively in response to proposals from students and faculty. Proposals that concern animal behavior, comparative cognition, evolution, ecology, or environmental science are given priority, but the program is not restricted to these areas.

Elaine Mayes Endowment Fund

This fund will support Division III student projects in film, photography, and video. Grants will be made from the fund to support projects that some students would otherwise be unable to afford. The goal of the fund is to enable more students to carry out their creative work and reach their artistic potential. We also anticipate that the fund will allow the Film, Photography, and Video Program to bring visiting scholars and artists in residence to the Hampshire campus.

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