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Hampshire College Founding Employee Ken Rosenthal with Former President Charles Longsworth

The Rosenthal Fund for Faculty

Hampshire faculty stand out in a crowd. They’re restless and inquisitive, just like the students they teach. They thrive on experimentation and creativity. They put in long hours writing narrative evaluations for every student in every class. They build courses that challenge and engage. They collaborate across disciplines in ways undreamed of at other institutions. In short, they redefine the meaning of college teaching.

Faculty-student relationships are the backbone of a Hampshire education. Faculty are their students’ colleagues. Mentors. Life-changing teachers.

Faculty were also Hampshire’s pioneers. They took risks--big risks--to embark on this journey. To pursue the idea that if a college could shift its focus from teaching to learning, the results could be extraordinary.

Nearly five decades later, new faculty are building the future of our College. In the last five years we’ve welcomed over 30 talented new faculty members. The next generation of faculty will shape our impact in the world of higher education for decades to come. We must ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

That’s why Hampshire College is establishing the Rosenthal Fund for Faculty. Ken’s history with the College dates back to its founding. He was hired by Franklin Patterson and Charles Longsworth in 1966 as one of the new College’s first employees. Ken worked at Hampshire until 1976: he was the treasurer when the first students arrived, secretary of the corporation, and in every respect was integral to laying the groundwork for the college we see today. Ken then went on to a career in law, business, and non-profit service, ultimately retiring as President of The Seeing Eye, the world’s premier guide dog school for the blind. On his return to Amherst, Ken was recruited to serve on the Hampshire College Board of Trustees, beginning with the 2008 academic year, and has served in numerous governance and committee capacities. As he completes his service with the board in 2016, this fund will serve as a lasting legacy to Ken’s commitment to Hampshire and its pedagogy.

The Rosenthal Fund for Faculty will be administered by the dean of faculty and vice president for academic affairs. It will help Hampshire fund the tools faculty need to promote the excellent and inventive pedagogy at the core of the Hampshire experiment. It will provide start-up funds for faculty and support them throughout their careers as they develop courses, embark on ground-breaking research, and share the Hampshire model with leaders in higher education.

Gifts to the fund help to ensure our faculty have the tools and support they need.

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