Community-Supported Agriculture

Hampshire College Farm CSA

The Community-Supported Agriculture program (CSA) provides a model of farming directly linking consumers to farmers. With over 120 members, the vegetable CSA provides fresh organic produce to the campus and local community.

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By purchasing a share of the vegetable harvest, members are able to pick up fresh vegetables on a weekly basis and have access to pick-your-own heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, hot peppers, edamame, green beans, and an assortment of beautiful flowers.

Buy a share

> Hampshire College students are welcome to volunteer with the CSA Program, and a limited number of work-study positions are available.

Vegetable CSA Share Information

Invest and Enjoy

This program allows community members the opportunity to invest in local agriculture and enjoy the benefits of fresh organic produce at the same time.

For the first time this year we are offering a summer CSA share during the months of July and August! We are only offering a small number of shares —so sign up soon. This share is separate from the traditional fall CSA share, which will also be available for the 2024 season.


Produce pick-ups are once a week between 2 and 6 p.m. on Thursdays. In the summer for eight weeks (Jul & Aug) and in the fall for twelve weeks (Sept - Nov)


Produce is picked up at the CSA barn at the Hampshire Farm.


To become a member, all you need to do is buy a share.

How much?

This year, we are offering the Hampshire Vegetable CSAs on a sliding scale. Please refer to this graphic that explains how to figure out where you might fall on the sliding scale.  In addition, below is a way to think about the sliding scale in terms of groceries.  

The point of a sliding scale is to increase access for all.  Those who are able to afford to spend more on a share, help subsidize those who aren’t able to afford the base cost, and therefore more people are able to access our beautiful, fresh, healthy Hampshire vegetables! 

When deciding on your share price, a good point of reference may be thinking about how you purchase food on a weekly basis:

  • Do you struggle to pay for both groceries and other basic necessities such as rent and utilities?  Is it often too expensive to buy fresh vegetables?  The low level share might be right for you.
  • Do you budget for your groceries, yet are able to get the food items you want each week?  The base level share might be right for you.
  • Are you able to buy groceries without having to think about the cost much, including fresh vegetables, special treats, and going out to eat?  The high level share might be right for you.  

Summer Share: An eight week summer share costs between $192 - $352. 

Fall Share: A twelve week fall share costs between $288 - $528. Free shares are available for students living in mods. (One free share per mod.)

Meat CSA Share Information

Help support humane local animal agriculture by enjoying some delicious, pasture-raised meats through the Hampshire College Farm Meat CSA.

Invest and Enjoy

This program allows community members the opportunity to invest in local agriculture and enjoy the benefits of pasture-fed, sustainably-raised meat at the same time.

The Hampshire College Farm offers spring and fall meat CSA shares for members of the Hampshire College community, including students, staff, and faculty, as well as local community members. Shareholders receive a variety of cuts of grass-fed beef, heritage-breed pastured pork, and grass-fed lamb (we do not offer special shares or substitutions of meats based on preference). Each month for three months, shareholders receive 10-12 pounds of frozen meat, all raised right here on the Hampshire College Farm by our hardworking livestock manager and our student farm crew. Cuts range from ground beef and sausage to higher-end cuts such as bacon and rib eye steaks.


Pick up at the Hampshire College Farm, at Thorpe House.


To become a member, all you need to do is buy a share.

How much?

The total cost for three monthly pickups of 10-12 lbs of frozen meat each is $400. That's 30-36 lbs total of local, sustainable, heritage-breed, pasture-raised meat. Quite a deal!

  • Fall semester: October–December
  • Spring semester: March–May 

Other Questions?
Email or come down to the Farm and holler real loud.