The Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee (EnviroCom), made up of elected and appointed faculty, staff, and students, engages the community in environmental and sustainability issues. EnviroCom is an advisory body and action committee to the President and the community at large. 


  • To gather information pertinent to decreasing the College's environmental footprint, and to convert this information into usable form. This may include ecological surveys, institutional studies, financial information, development plans, student work, awareness campaigns on specific issues, and more.
  • To connect with various administrators, trustees, faculty, and student groups to coordinate interests, plans, and activism in environmental efforts. This includes inviting the entire community to voice what they would like to see happen in the future.
  • To advise and make recommendations to the administration on ways to maximize socially-just sustainable planning in purchasing, development, and policy making.
  • To help increase the community's awareness and accessibility to low-impact living.

EnviroCom also oversees the Sustainability Revolving Fund (SURF), which provides loans for campus improvement projects that benefit Hampshire's sustainability by improving efficiency and conserving resources.

Those interested in serving on the Environmental Committee should keep an eye out for annual nomination and election periods, usually conducted each fall.