Hampshire Research Project

At Hampshire we take in-depth, rigorous self-study seriously. We not only develop deep, critical self-reflection among our students, we engage in it ourselves, as an institution. 

The Hampshire Research Project is an endowed, qualitative research project charged with deepening our understanding of the connection between the unique aspects of Hampshire College's teaching and learning processes and its students' initiative, creativity, appetite for ongoing learning, and desire to contribute to society.

The Hampshire Research Project studies what really happens for students at Hampshire and why. 

The project is currently in the fifth year of a multi-year research plan designed to deeply understand what constitutes the Hampshire experience itself. 

Funded through a gift from former member of the Hampshire College board of trustees, John Watts, the Hampshire Research Project is housed under the dean of faculty and operates under the supervision of the dean of curriculum and assessment. 

Multi-Year, In-Depth, Rigorous Research:

The Hampshire Impact Study

The Hampshire Impact Study constitutes the centerpiece research study of the Hampshire Learning Project. This longitudinal, qualitative, panel study interviewed a group of students from the F14 class every year during their time at Hampshire and will continue interviews for four years after graduation. It has provided us--and will continue to provide us--with insightful, rich, in-depth data on what constitutes the Hampshire experience. Through thorough dissemination across campus, this data also informs and enhances programs, policies, and practices at Hampshire.

2014 Research Findings

This video series offer the Hampshire community insight into our 2014 research findings on student experiences.  We hope they will serve as an important resource for faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community.