Postering and Flyers

Harold F. Johnson Library Policies in Support for Community Dialogue in the Library and Airport Lounge


All Hampshire community members are welcome to request exhibit space in the Airport Lounge and Library. Due to constraints of time, space, and safety, exhibition proposals that reflect the academic program and/or the mission of Hampshire College will be given priority. The library supports requests on a first come, first served basis. Please email your exhibit request to The library reserves the right to modify the display to support community events in the space, and will make every effort to preserve the integrity of the display. 

Posters and Flyers

In adherence with the postering policy in the Hampshire College Student Handbook, the doors, windows, and walls of the library building are kept free of posters, flyers, etc.

Posters are permitted only on bulletin boards not designated for other purposes. Students are encouraged to use the bulletin boards under the walkway along the west wall of FPH and the north wall of the Johnson Library, underneath the bridge. Posters placed anywhere but upon designated bulletin boards will be removed regardless of content. All posters will be removed from designated spaces after an advertised event has taken place. Posters that do not pertain to an event that occurs on a specific date will be removed on the last working day of each month.

Hampshire College Postering Policy

Library staff will remove all posted content from any space in the library building not designated for such use and may relocate it to the proper bulletin board. Every Sunday, we remove all posters from the Airport Lounge. We also routinely remove out-of-date posters from our designated bulletin boards.

NOTE: The presence of posters or fliers anywhere within the library building does not constitute the library’s endorsement of or agreement with the opinions expressed therein.

The library, Knowledge Commons, and gallery keep all doors, windows, and walls in our building free of posters, in adherence with the postering policy in the Hampshire College Student Handbook (see below). The library, KC, and gallery strive to make the Airport Lounge available as a space for academic freedom and dialogue, so the Hampshire College community is welcome to use the Airport Lounge as a space to engage in dialogue by installing posters or signs. 

We ask you to keep in mind the following conditions:

  • Staff will remove all posters from the Airport Lounge every Sunday, except when arrangements are made in advance for an exhibit to remain installed for a longer period of time. Please check with library staff for more information.
  • Staff routinely remove out-of-date posters from bulletin boards throughout the building (see poster policy). Occasionally we find posters installed elsewhere in the library building, and while these will always be removed, when feasible, we will sometimes relocate them to the Airport Lounge, to encourage use of this space.
  • The presence of posters or flyers in the Airport Lounge does not constitute the library’s endorsement or agreement of the opinions expressed therein. This also applies when staff reinstall posters here from elsewhere in the building.
  • Library staff may remove posters throughout the library building, including the APL, at any time regardless of content, in accordance with the postering policy.