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Analog and Digital Game Collections at Hampshire College

The game library at Hampshire College is a collection of analog and digital games. Anyone is welcome to play a game in the library. Five College students, faculty, and staff may check out games. Analog games (board games, card games, RPG, etc.) must be checked out and returned to the Hampshire College library. Video games may be requested by Five College members through the catalog. This unique collection, selected by Ira Fay, Hampshire’s assistant professor of computer science and game design, is maintained by the library staff.

Games are checked out just like books. You can check out up to two (video) or four (analog) games at a time. Each game is checked out for five days.

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Stay updated on game-related events and news, including game gatherings. At the Game Gatherings we will play and analyze games from the collection with other students, staff, and faculty members. Everyone is welcome and no experience is needed. Come have fun!

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Special Thanks

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to the creation and maintenance of the game library! We would particularly like to thank:

  • Game Library task force: Abigail Baines, Anne Macon, Chris Tamma, Heather McCann, Jane Pickles, John Bruner, and Thea Atwood.
  • All alums who donated, including: Bradford N. Barr, Zachary B. Clemente, Dillon C. Compton, Daniel P. Eareckson, Dylan S. Holmes, Rory A. Madden, Joe Minton, Andrew Rosequist, Noell C. Serafino and Nicholas C. Clover-Brown, Vibhu Norby, Evan J. Silberman, Ananda G. Valenzuela, Larry Wolf, and Eric L. Neagle.
  • A very special thank you to Joe Minton and Vibhu Norby for generosity above and beyond
  • Denise Batalha for the wonderful logo
  • All members and others who donated, including: Kade Kuecker (keekb), Justin Bourgman (bourgman), and Scott Wishart (wishasc), Krista Donnelly (kldonnelly), Ryan (yelltom), Beverly Hindle, Toph Woodward, and Benjamin Peal.
  • Chris Semple and Gamewright
  • Ian Birdsall and Fantasy Flight Games
  • Jennifer Gunter King
  • Jeffrey Wolfman
  • Laura Sizer
  • Paula Harmon
  • Jean Sepanski
  • Mr. B from Rockin’ B Games and J. Adam Bailey from Off the Wall Games
  • Samantha Lariviere