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ADHD Guide for Students

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For Initial Assessment and Treatment: “I think I might have AD/HD?”

Health and Counseling Service’s medical and mental health providers have experience in the evaluation and care of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Students meet with a medical or a mental health provider for an initial assessment. After the intake appointment, recommendations will be made for your follow-up care. If you have not had AD/HD testing within the past three years, you will be asked to complete an ADHD evaluation by an off-campus psychologist.  

For academic accommodations due to a disability, documentation and specific requests for accommodation should be sent to:

Madeline L. Peters, director of accessibility resources and services, CASA, Box AC, Hampshire College, 893 West Street, Amherst, MA 01002.

Phone: 413.559.5498,  Fax: 413.559.6098

To Transfer Care of Previously Diagnosed AD/HD:

Students who wish to transfer their care of AD/HD medication prescribing to Hampshire Health and Counseling Service will have records from their previous provider(s) transferred to Hampshire HCS before an intake appointment is scheduled.

For Counseling/Organizational Skills/Academic Help:

Hampshire College Health and Counseling Services

  • Confidential counseling for mood problems, substance use, identity or relationship issues, stress, or depression.
  • “Disorganized and Distracted” workshops and group to support organization and attention strategies. 
  • Off-campus referrals for neuropsychological assessments and/or psychotherapy (covered by the student health insurance program).

Hampshire College Accessibility Services

Madeline L. Peters, director of accessibility services, 413.559.5498,

  • Arranges accommodations due to a disability for documented AD/HD and other learning, psychological or physical disabilities
  • Individual help with organizational skills and time management strategies.
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