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Minutes of Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) February 26, 2013

Attending: Amy Diehl, Heather St. Germaine, Yaniris Fernandez, Jerry Bohdanowicz, Nancy Booth, Steve Roof, Jim Miller, Shelly Ruocco (ex officio)

I. Minutes from Tuesday, January 29, were approved.

II. Tuition: Several items were discussed surrounding Tuition Remission.

a. Review the possibility to pro-rate tuition for those starting in the early fall?
    i. Explore pro-ration as one solution
    ii. Change the line of eligibility to something less than one year
    iii. Review the financial impacts
b. Review the possibility to offer individual classes for dependents
    i. Explore what other towns/schools offer dependents
    ii. Can any high school students take a class at Hampshire
    iii. Space issues- can we accommodate

Actions: Yaniris and Shelly to meet with specific groups; i.e. Central Records, Financial aid, budgeting areas to review current use of the program, current costs associated with enhancing the current benefit and to determine next steps.

III. Health Insurance transgender benefits: Yaniris was asked if the college could look into transgender health benefits and if they could be included in our Tufts Plans. David Hoffmann from Strategic Benefit Associates inquired with Tufts and found that benefits do not exist under our current plans.

Action: Nancy will inquire with other colleges if they have this benefit in their plans and report at next meeting. Next steps will be determined at that time.

IV. Amy asked about how employees of the college can ask an anonymous question to the BAC.

Action: A form can be developed to give employees an avenue to ask a question. Amy will be looking into this option. It was also mentioned that this be discussed at the next SAC meeting.
V. Sibling inclusion to FMLA or sick policy- A questions was raised to the BAC if siblings are covered under our FMLA policy.

Answer: Our plan covers a spouse, domestic partner, son or daughter, or a parent. It does not cover a brother or sister.

Action: Nancy to review what other colleges in the area cover under the umbrella of FMLA, sick or sick bank time. The committee will continue to discuss this topic.

VI. Vacation for non-exempt - exempt. Amy was asked to address the BAC about vacation time provided to exempt and non-exempt employees in the case of a rehire into a job that recently changed from one classification to another. It was agreed that there will be no policy change recommendation.

VII. BAC meeting dates will be as follows:

Tuesdays, March 26, April 30, and May 14

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