Account Quota

What's a quota?

A quota restricts the amount of disk space you can use on the server for email and files stored in your home directory.

How big are the quotas?

Faculty, staff, and alumni: 2.5 GB total.
Students: 2.5 GB for email and 2.5 GB for home directory files.

Will I know when my account goes over quota?

If you approach the email quota (80-90% use), you will be sent a warning message. Once you hit the quota you will no longer receive any email (except warnings about your quota); people who send you email will be sent a message informing them that you did not receive the message.

How do I know how much disk space I'm using?

Log in to webmail to see your quota and usage at the bottom-left of the page. Hover your cursor over the pie icon and % used. 

Use HampNet Account Management to check your quota.