Alumni Email

Email Service and Policy

Hampshire College offers a free email account to all graduated alums, or alums with electronic academic records. To request your account or reactivate an inactive (6 months or more) account, please contact the help desk.

When a student account is converted to an alumni account, the account's access to any data on any Hampshire College computing resources not explicitly granted to alumni may be removed. Examples of Hampshire College computing resources granted to alumni include access to email and The Hub.

Alums may retain accounts in perpetuity with a soft disk quota. Email accounts will remain accessible to the alums as long as they are active. Inactive alum accounts, defined as those that have not been logged into for at least 6 months or do not have email forwarded, may be deleted without notice. If the account is deleted, all email, address book entries, and personalization in the account will be lost. The email account will be available to the alum for reactivation, but deleted email cannot be recovered.

Spouses, partners, other family members, or friends are not eligible for an account on the College's email system.

Email policy

Acceptable Use

The College permits personal correspondence through College accounts as long as such correspondence does not excessively burden the College's network or servers. Additional guidelines may apply to email sent to College mail lists.

The email system may not be used to transmit sexually explicit images or messages that may be construed as harassment, nor may it be used for any communications that contain ethnic slurs, racial epithets, or anything that may be reasonably construed as disparagement of others based on race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious, or political beliefs.

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