Your Home Directory

What is it?

This home directory is a personal file storage folder available to each employee. It lives on a server, and it can be used to save and back up important files.

How do I get to it?

Connection Instructions

What is the public_html folder?

Any files you place in this folder will show up on a public website. The address for your website is, follwed by your HampNet ID and another slash(/). For example, if my username is kmmLO, my web address is Remember that anything in your public_html folder is available to anyone, on or off campus, so never use it to hold confidential information.

It can also be used to host a web page or website site: just create an HTML page named index.html, place it in this public_html folder, and this web page will load when people visit your link. You can use a web authoring software to do this, or even Microsoft Word. If you use a product such as iWeb on a Mac, you may have to use a separate secure copy program such as Fugu, which is installed on your Hampshire computer. 

Just remember, this home directory has a storage limit that is combined with your email account, and it's capped at 2.5 GB (gigabytes).

Check your quota