Employee Computer Purchase Program

Hampshire College has a program through which permanent, non-casual employees who have been here longer than six months may purchase a computer through the school. This enables you to take advantage of educational discounts and a loan program offered by the College.

Loan Program

Hampshire College provides employees with a one or two-year, no-interest loan for $500 to $3,000 worth of computer equipment (limited to computers, tablets, monitors, speakers, printers, and software), which is paid back by payroll deduction. Bear in mind that if you leave the school before the loan is paid off you will have to pay the remaining amount immediately, and interest will be charged on any remaining unpaid balance. You are also responsible for continuing payments if you go on unpaid leave or sabbatical. Additional equipment can be added on to your account after a loan has been established, but it must have a value of $500 or more. The number of loans at one time cannot be more than two and the aggregate amount of all leases cannot exceed $3,000.

Skipping the Loan

If you do not want/need to enroll in the loan program, you can buy the computer directly from the vendor and still receive an educational discount. To view educational pricing, you can visit the Apple or Dell website and navigate to their educational sales section. With Apple you will use your Hampshire email log-in to access the site. Dell will ask for your school ID number when you check out.


The companies we work with most often are Apple and Dell. Apple discounts usually range from $50-$100 off list price for computers. The Dell discount is supposed to be 5% off list price; however, Dell's Home Sales division often has very aggressive promotions and sales that the Educational Sales sector (which the College must buy from) cannot match. So, depending on the system and what consumer sales are happening at any given time, you may not be able to get as good a deal buying the computer through the school as you could ordering it yourself. We can investigate other vendors if desired. Software discounts are usually larger: around 50% or more for academic licenses.

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How it Works

  1. ‚ÄčIT staff can recommend a system, or you can explore the Apple or Dell websites and pick out a system for yourself.
  2. Once we have established what you want to order, you will visit Donna Thompson in the business office to sign forms and set up the loan. You will need to pay a deposit of 10% of the total equipment cost, as well as MA sales tax (6.25%). A $25 handling fee and $1 title fee will be added to your account.
  3. Then we put the order through, and you get your computer (usually within a couple of weeks)!


Another perk is that Microsoft Office 365 can be downloaded for free by creating an Office 365 account with your Hampshire email address, and it can be installed on multiple devices.

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After the Honeymoon

Unfortunately, Hampshire cannot help you with any maintenance or repair your home computer may need. Most systems come with a one-year warranty and a short period (usually 30 days) of phone support for software problems. Most vendors offer optional extended coverage for up to three additional years. While this is an additional expense, bear in mind that one simple repair job can cost as much as the warranty upgrade. Consumer Reports recommends extended warranties, especially for laptop systems. Dell offers a laptop protection plan that covers accidental damage such as droppage and spills. If you do not feel comfortable troubleshooting and fixing computer problems yourself, you may want to think about extending the warranty on your purchase.

Want to get started?

Email techpurchase@hampshire.edu to get a price quote and/or arrange a purchase order.