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Blinking Phone Light Driving you Mad?

If your message-waiting phone light is blinking but there are no messages in your voice mailbox, what can you do?

This happens sometimes if you hang up after checking your voicemail but before the system finishes out of a session. It can also happen if you use your finger to hang up your phone, then quickly release the hang-up button in order to put down the receiver.

To avoid these problems, use the 9 key to exit out of listening to your voicemail, and then hang up by replacing the receiver in the phone cradle rather than use your finger.

To turn off a malfunctioning message light, call your own extension and leave a voice mail. Then go in and listen to the message, delete it, and make sure to hit 9 to exit the system.

If the light doesn't go off, email, and we will have someone reset the light on your phone.

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