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Email Accounts

Hampshire College provides email accounts to all faculty, staff, students, and alums as a means of fostering communications in support of academic, research, and administrative needs. Students are provided accounts upon enrollment at the College and may retain accounts while enrolled and as alums. All official correspondence from the College sent via email will be sent to these accounts. For details about account eligibility and retention, please see the guidelines listed in the Email Account Policy page.

Basic Settings

A variety of email programs are used by faculty, staff, and students. As a result, IT cannot provide specific instructions for every program. The IT department supports Mozilla Thunderbird as the preferred email client.

For other clients, use the basic settings below:

Incoming Mail Server
Port 993 (IMAP, SSL)
Port 995 (POP, SSL)
Port 143 (IMAP, TLS)
Port 110 (POP, TLS)
Does not support secure authentication.

Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server
Port 587 (TLS)
Port 465 (SSL)
Requires authentication.
Does not support secure authentication.

HampNet Username

Faculty/Staff: Initials + Mail Code   (example:  hjbLO)
Students: Initials + Year of Entry     (example:  hjb07)     
Alumni: Initials + Year of Entry       (example: hjb98)

IMAP protocol

If you choose to use IMAP as the mail protocol your mail program will use to check your email; it is important to enter "mail" in the Advanced Server Settings as the "IMAP server directory".

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