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Forwarding Voice Mail to Email

To request that your voice mail be forwarded to your email, send a message to the voice mail manager at nupoint@hampshire.edu. Please include the extension you are requesting be forwarded and we'll take it from there.

How to Listen to Messages from Email

When a voice message is left on your phone it will also be sent as an audio attachment in an email to you. The email will appear to be from the person who left you the message, or from Unknown Caller. To listen to the message:

  1. Select the message.
  2. Double-click on the attachment icon (single-click in webmail).
  3. A dialog box will appear; select "Open with..."
  4. If you can, select "OK" at this point; otherwise, use "Choose" to find an application that will open the file, then select "OK."
  5. If the message doesn't immediately start playing you may need manually to tell the program to play it.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Listening to a message from your email does not erase it from your inbox, nor does it stop your phone light from blinking. You must still do this from your phone.
  • Voice messages are often quieter than other sounds coming out of your computer. You may have to temporarily increase the volume when listening to your messages; don't forget to turn it down again!
  • Voice messages are pretty small data files, but they should still be filed locally on your computer or discarded after listening. This will keep them from pushing you towards your mail quota.
  • If you respond to a voice mail message through email, double-check the email address you are sending it to; some return addresses on the messages forwarded to your email may not be correct.
  • Voice messages may contain confidential information; storage of such information on your computer is regulated by federal and state laws.
  • Be careful not to add voice messages to potentially public data collections, such as an iTunes library.
  • This feature is provided as a convenience for faculty and staff, but it does have the potential for abuse, whether purposely or through negligent use. Please be discreet in your use, being careful to avoid situations that may compromise the privacy of the person leaving the message.

Web interface for voice mail

Voice mail user guide (pdf)

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